Golf and Leisure Experience Ltd is a project management company specialising in transforming leisure and recreation facilities using inert soil.

Like many entrepreneurial companies, Golf and Leisure Experience was created out of necessity when business partners Scott Cranfield and Simon Preston couldn’t find the perfect
company to help them develop their golf and leisure business…

In 2007 we had plans to transform our golf centre into the UK’s No 1 Family Golf and Leisure Centre by using inert soil. The problem was who would we employ to do the job? After a long search through the options, it became apparent there was a lack of expertise to complete every aspect of this type of project. To make matters worse, similar projects were rapidly getting a bad name for the way they were being managed and created.

In fact, find an importation project related to leisure and you are bound to find a lot of sad and frustrated faces especially from local residents, the council and often the end users. It seemed the only ones left smiling was the haulage company and the construction company – often one and the same! This wasn’t an option we wanted at our site!

So for the next 2 years, we exhausted every angle to understand the business and make sure we could deliver for ourselves a turnkey project that truly could take a government derivative of using inert soil in leisure and prove it can work for everyone involved, and that’s precisely what we have done. In 2009 our project began and today Golf kingdom is living proof it works! After 6 years of constructing one of the largest projects of its type, we have proved that managed professionally it can be run without any of the problems other sites experience. Even if that does mean having the odd cup of tea with the neighbours!

We truly believe it makes a huge difference on importation projects when you have someone managing the job who has experience and success in every aspect of achieving planning, right through to operations and maintenance. Golf and Leisure Experience is such a company and to our knowledge the only company of its type in the UK.
Golf and Leisure Experience is now sought after by other leisure facilities; schools and Local Authorities to help them transform their facilities into something exceptional and sustainable.

We would love you to come and visit our site and see for yourself every stage of the operation.